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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Study: Modern Men Suffering from Body Shame

Social pressures can have a big impact on the way we perceive ourselves. Many times, people develop low self-esteem when others respond negatively to a particular physical shortcoming. A recent study showed that this problem can be especially bad for modern men, who face the same sorts of objectification that has plagued women for years.

Feeling […]

What’s Really Triggering Your Severe Headaches?

To limit migraine frequency, physicians urge patients to identify potential triggers. Unfortunately, new research suggests that this strategy may not be as sound as once thought.

Are Triggers to Blame?

While they aren't exactly sure why people get migraines, medical experts have long believed that specific triggers can help bring them on. More often than not, triggers […]

Can Lotus Flower’s Secrets Make Us Look Younger?

Can Lotus Flower's Secrets Make Us Look Younger? (Durham)

For years, scientists have been looking all over for ways to stop or reverse the aging process. Recently, a team of researchers took a big step in that direction by unscrambling the genetic codes associated with a very special plant.

The Sacred Lotus

Ancient and mysterious, Nelumbo nucifera or […]

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